About Us

Born out of passion, The Wedding Planning Company (TWPC) is your answer to stress-free weddings. At TWPC, we believe that weddings are special and leave no stone unturned in making them your best memories.

Founded in 2012, based out of New Delhi, we plan and execute weddings all over, personalizing each event with impeccable style. With our fun and quirky ideas we add the wow factor to your wedding. Be it customization or personalization, down to the smallest detail, we understand that your guests will cherish these small gestures and smart specifics.

We offer décor designing, wedding planning and consultation, and thirdly a set of value-added premium services that will differentiate your wedding from any other.

About Kamakshi


Kamakshi is your regular bohemian and aesthete with a discerning eye for all things and creatures sublime on this planet. An alumnus of Delhi’s prestigious Lady Shri Ram College, Kamakshi has combined her triple passions–business administration, aesthetics and craftsmanship–studying the former, and working with the latter two.

Before The Wedding Planning Company came into being, our genteel wedding planner had worked for six years honing ideas with some of India’s premier wedding companies. Also, years trotting the globe added to her design repertoire and gave her a global outlook while approaching the process.

Kamakshi believes that a memorable wedding is one that reflects the bride and groom’s signature styles. Thus, TWPC believes trumping the Big Fat Indian Wedding with a Big Fun Indian Wedding with individuality written all over it.