Destination Weddings

Jungle Weddings


Seeking some adventure away from the city lights?

Let us take you down the meandering dirt roads into the wild: a haven camouflaged by green groves with a stream gurgling by, where you can watch the dusk change colours of the purple sky. There are no verdant venues that match the majesty of the jungles. Now, imagine hosting a wedding there.

Picture the green ground offering a quiet contrast to a stunning wedding mandap with dhols beating to the wild rhythms of the forest around you.

Welcome to the “jungle wedding package”–organic, unique and totally Gen-Y.

If you choose this you can look forward to high-end, in-house catering offered by premier resorts, fine-tuned and customized according to your preference, fun in-house wedding activities along with some wild fun like adventure sports, adventure safaris, bird watching and animal spotting.

Heritage Weddings


Have you dreamt of a royal wedding all your life? Do you see yourself driving through golden sands as camels and caravans pass you by, to arrive at an ancient haveli where time has stood still for millennia?

Imagine hosting a gala ceremony there–under the inky night sky where fairy lights compete with the stars.

We can make you feel like royalty for your wedding if you choose the “heritage wedding package”. We pledge to make it even rarer by hosting the ceremony at a lesser-known venue, yet to be treaded.

If traditional, rich, opulent elegance with a dash of quirk and contemporary twist is your thing–look no further.

Fusion Weddings


This is the package where the white wedding gets the desi tadka.

Remember the saying: Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet…? Here at TWPC, East and West meet faultlessly and flawlessly, as we take the elegance and lyrical silence of a white wedding and the boisterous energy and grandeur of Indian wedding combine the two to create an absolute dream-come-true ceremony.

So cherry pick what you wish to keep when you choose our fusion wedding package, and let us weave your wishes into reality.

Beach Weddings


Seashells, star fish, cocktails with bright paper umbrellas, white frothy and fleeting surf on the sand, palm trees swaying to the breeze and a natural pedicure as you walk barefoot on the beach–no, not a vacation, this is your wedding ceremony.

Our beach wedding package gives you the chance to take your vows on the sandy shore right next to the azure waters lapping at your feet. Let a live Jazz band add a bit of glamour and razzmatazz to the ceremony as you take your wedding vows.

This is not your average Indian wedding. As we promised, we will deliver something extraordinary and exclusive in our “beach wedding package”.