The Crax Love Story !

The Crax Love Story !

How often do we come across a love story woven by a passion for collecting free gifts ?!! All of us follow the same pattern for eating Crax – open the packet, put the rings in your fingers, eat them one by one and of course, don’t forget the free gift!

But what if the Crax ring could one day lead to two people exchanging wedding rings? No, we are not talking bizarre! In fact, this is as filmy or imaginative as it can get. Picture this: Your office desk is adorned with the free gifts Crax offers and one fine day you find someone else fond of collecting them too. Conversation starts and a couple of years later, the two of you are tying the knot !!


Whoa, that was quick, you may say! But the truth is Pooja nd Hemant literally met by chance. But it wasn’t the typical love-at-first-sight, though filmy nevertheless. Pooja never knew her regular work life is about to take an altogether new track with her organisation being overtaken by another company. For Pooja and Hemant, nothing could have been more personal!



Pooja and Hemant met when his company acquired Pooja’s and Hemant was shifted to Pooja’s Gurgaon office all the way from his previous posting in New York. Hemant was glad to have come closer to his hometown Lucknow and closer to Pooja, as they soon would realize!


Same office, adjacent work desk, common love for travelling as they soon found out, and you have a perfect setup for both of them to get talking endlessly. While Pooja’s initial hesitation soon fizzled out, travelling and exploring places brought them even closer, and as if subconsciously, they had long before planned on getting married at their favourite destination – Jim Corbett.


But Pooja is still in a dilemma… no, not for the marriage! Of course not! But whether to address Hemant as ‘aap’ or ‘tu’, since ‘tum’ seems to be too out of place to her. While Pooja is torn between this cute confusion, Hemant doesn’t mind the additional respect that ‘aap’ brings along! :-)))


So with everything sorted, preparations are in full swing for the wedding scheduled for November 2016 and both of them have already finished shopping for their clothes. All lucky charms and good wishes have been exchanged, photographer’s camera on the land and the drone in the sky are ready to capture memories, and we are all set to be a part of this celebration at a dreamy destination.


We have more reasons to rejoice as it is The Wedding Planning Company which will make it all the more dreamy and memorable to give both families numerous reasons to keep smiling for a lifetime.

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  • Atul. kothiwal
    Posted at 8:18 am, September 9, 2016

    Hi, Kamakshi, great going, your blog is a good read. Are you also planning this wedding for Pooja and Hemant, the Stars of your story?
    Best wishes and God bless.
    Atul Kothiwal

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