What We Do

Let us de-stress you when it comes to three (cardinal) details;

Décor Designing

An important aspect of a wow wedding is the mandap and venue design–it needs to be spot-on (read: personal and pretty much unforgettable). You want your guests to enter through the gates and be mesmerized, right off. We help to make that happen by choosing the best available options.

We choose the décor design, keeping in mind the type of function which is to take place in it. The idea is to leave your imprint on the design, and create elements around it.

So, let our expert, in-house décor team design traditionally classic, minimalistic or contemporary chic elements (according to your preference of course) and add that twist which will keep your guests talking for days to come.

Wedding Planning & Consultation

Don’t know where to start from? We will help you choose the best available services providers in the market.

If you already have most of your service providers in place, then, great!

With our expertise in the trade we will help you manage the service providers, on your behalf coordinate with them and make sure the execution is flawless as per the documented contracts. We want you to enjoy the special occasion with your family and friends without worrying about the arrangements.

Value-Added Services

We all attend a lot of weddings, but there are few that we remember for a lifetime. An extraordinary wedding or any function is always a detailed event where cogs move seamlessly and silently away from the public eye, making things happen like “magic”.

Thankfully, when it comes to wedding, we are no squibs either. We understand that it is the unusual; contrasting and particular details that make your wedding stand out. We know for a fact that these very details take months to plan and days to execute.

Take seamless guest management for instance, or personal RSVPs, reminders and alerts for guests, customized stationery in guest rooms to thematic giveaways–you get the spiel? We do them all to make an event, unforgettable. We promise that your guests will not leave with just flash-backs of the fan fare we will design a story around you and your special one–for everyone to take away.

TWPC believes that a dollop of merry madness is more than healthy and we are happy to serve you if you are looking for some offbeat entertainment.